CrossFit 2147 is a premium strength and conditioning facility running daily CrossFit classes. Conveniently located at 3/8 Tollis Place, Seven Hills, we are easily accessed from both Blacktown areas and Old Windsor Road. 

Our members are at the heart and soul of all we do here at CrossFit 2147.  We provide an environment where you feel comfortable to push yourselves to your limit with the guidance of our professionally qualified CrossFit and weightlifting coaches.


We offer small group classes led by a CrossFit Level-1 trainer. Our regular classes are an hour-long and typically include the following: Warm Up, Weightlifting/Strength, Workout of the Day (WOD)Our coaches will assist you with each component of the class from the warm up, ensuring you are adequately warm right through to ensuring you are taught the correct mechanics and techniques.

The Workout of the Day (WOD) consists of a variety of movements and rep schemes which will vary day-to-day. You will see the term ‘RX’ which stands for ‘requested’ and means the athlete has performed each component of the workout as prescribed on the board from the weights right down to the specific movement. You will also see RX+ in some WODs which often means heavier weight and/or more complex gymnastics movements. This is an opportunity for our advanced athletes to challenge themselves and take their training to the next level.

We believe that data is key to results. We record the results of each session using Wodify. Wodify also has an app which allows you to register for each class, track your results and also manage your membership and payment details.

We also run team WODs for special occasions such as Australia Day, Anzac Day, Labour Day, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.


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Our team of coaches are made up of individuals specialising in different aspects of fitness. From conditioning to weightlifting to gymnastics, our coaches are not only good at coaching, or good at ‘CrossFit’, they are above all, leaders. We expect our coaches to lead by example when it comes to training and training mentality. Our coaches are also well equipped to encourage, develop and grow athletes no matter what stage they are in with their training.  

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